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Since 1994, ACASS has been empowering leaders and visionaries to chart their courses, expand their horizons, and shape their destinies. We live to get you where you want to be, in every sense of that phrase. No matter how much we grow, personal relationships and hands-on involvement will always be the heart and soul of our business. I invite you to contact me or any other member of the ACASS team to explore how we can help make your vision a reality.

Results You’ll Like.
People To Match.

Life is too short and the world is too big to work with people you don’t genuinely enjoy having along on your journey. Nor should you have to choose between people you want to work with and people who deliver the results you want. At ACASS, we pride ourselves not only on having some of the most experienced and capable people in all of business aviation, but also on having some of the very nicest. We like to think of it as world-class capability complemented by distinctively Canadian cordiality.

Management Team

The ACASS management team is made up of individuals with a diverse and extensive range of international business aviation experience. If you are not familiar with any of the faces you see here, just ask around. We’ve spent the last 28 years establishing our reputation in the industry.

  • Eric Kerub


    Eric Kerub has been involved in business aviation for most of his professional life. He launched ACASS as a flight crew staffing company in 1994 and has helped shape and guide its tremendous growth over the last 30 years.

  • Andre Khury


    Andre Khury has 21 years of experience in virtually every facet of business aviation sales and service support. His bold and progressive leadership have taken ACASS from an eight-employee operation to the industry leader it is today.

International Sales Team

The ACASS sales team is made up of professionals with decades of combined OEM experience and accrued knowledge. That experience and knowledge are what distinguish a consultant from an ordinary broker.

  • Stephanie Reuveni

    Vice President, Aircraft Transactions

    Stephanie Reuveni joined ACASS in 2017 as Director of Contracts. Her deep understanding of the intricacies of ACASS aircraft transactions coupled with her relentless drive for successful outcomes fuel her exceptional track record as Vice President of Aircraft Transactions.

  • Robert Habjanic

    Vice President of Sales - Africa

    Robert Habjanic has almost 40 years of international business aviation experience spanning a broad range of organizations & specializations. Since 2014, he has strengthened ACASS's presence throughout the Mideast & Africa.

  • Claudio Peer

    VP of Aircraft Management & Charter Sales

    Claudio Peer is a seasoned aviation professional with over 30 years of industry experience, including a diverse variety of senior leadership roles. He shepherds the growth of ACASS's aircraft management fleet and leads our aircraft management and charter sales teams.

  • Paul Doherty

    Managing Director – Ireland

    Paul Doherty joined ACASS in 2020 and has a wealth of experience in various senior finance roles. Paul leverages his expertise to ensure the financial health and strategic direction of ACASS operations in Ireland and the UK.

  • Carlo Vissani

    Managing Director – San Marino

    Carlo Vissani joined ACASS in 2012 and has over 35 years of highly diverse global business aviation experience. Carlo has been instrumental in establishing and growing ACASS’s thriving San Marino operations.

  • Vinit Phatak

    Director of Global Business Development

    Vinit Phatak has been the President of ACASS India since 2017. In 2023, he took on the role of ACASS's Director of Global Business Development to identify and pursue new business opportunities world wide.

  • Steve Tedeschi

    Sales Director, Aircraft Management – Worldwide

    Steve Tedeschi’s global business aviation experience spans aircraft sales, flight crew staffing, aircraft management, and more. Since 2012, Steve's talent, drive, and adaptability have helped fuel ACASS's continued growth.

  • Trisha Lakatos

    Sales Director – Northeastern U.S. & Canada

    Trisha Lakatos has 14 years of business aviation recruitment, flight crew staffing, business development and sales experience. She joined ACASS in 2007 and is paramount to ACASS's aircraft sales expansion in North America.

  • Krystyna Hranek

    Sales Director – Southeastern USA

    Krystyna Hranek started her career in aviation over 15 years ago, accumulating extensive experience in strategic planning analysis, marketing, business development, and aircraft sales. She is central to ACASS’s aircraft sales expansion in the U.S., Central America, and South America.

  • Antoine Villain

    Sales Director – Central & Southern Europe

    Antoine Villain has 12 years of aerospace, military aviation, and private aviation experience, including sales and marketing roles for Dassault in France and Brazil. He is integral to ACASS’s accelerating growth in Europe.

  • Stevan Tojagic

    Sales Director – UK & Northern Europe

    Stevan Tojagic has over eight years of business-development and sales-focused business aviation experience. His excellent industry reputation and knowledge of the European market help shape ACASS's presence in the UK and Northern Europe.

  • Derek Holter

    Vice President of Flight Operations

    Derek Holter has 14 years of global business aviation experience spanning charter sales, aircraft management, and flight operations. Since 2012, Derek has been a linchpin in our Aircraft Management & Flight Ops success.

  • Kevin Harris

    Senior Vice President of Services

    Kevin Harris has 32 years of project management, contracts, interior completions sales, aircraft management and operations experience. Since 2008, Kevin’s expertise and acumen have been invaluable to ACASS’s growth and success.

How We Work

Obviously, our clients seek us out and stay with us for the results we deliver. But having faith in the consistency of those results requires an understanding of the culture, philosophies, and processes that drive who we are and what we do. After 28 years in business, we have established several imperatives for consistent success.

Hire The Best

You cannot build a great house without a strong foundation. We recruit from all over the world and hire the very best and most experienced talent in the business aviation industry. This means finding people that have not only the skill set and knowledge to deliver superior results, but also the character, temperament, and professionalism to deliver a client service experience second to none.

Cultivate The
Right Culture

Yes, bottom line results are important. But we do not believe results and virtue are mutually exclusive. On the contrary, we consider values like integrity, accountability, and humility to be integral to our success. That’s why we insist that everyone at ACASS adheres to a carefully considered set of fundamental values and shares a common sense of purpose and culture.

Listen, Learn, Innovate

When you’ve been doing something successfully for a quarter of a century, it might be tempting to slip into an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. But we believe our success is a direct result of rejecting that mentality. Instead, we constantly listen to our clients to understand their ever-evolving needs. Then, we develop new and constantly better ways to answer them.

Live By
Our Words

Own your journey® is not some empty marketing slogan. Those three words are the driving philosophy behind everything we do. It means liberating you from the endless business aviation obstacles and complications that would otherwise keep you from getting where you want to be, both literally and in a much more meaningful sense as well.

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