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Private jet sales and acquisitions are all about intelligence—the information, insight, and counsel you need to make the right moves at just the right time. Since 1994, we have been serving the needs of discerning business jet owners worldwide—and accumulating and sharing invaluable intelligence along the way.

Buying or Selling an
Aircraft can be Daunting

Like any major transaction, the acquisition or sale of a business jet can be a challenging, complex, and time consuming endeavor. It can also be fraught with potentially costly missteps for the inexperienced and poorly advised.

  • It’s not what you know, it’s what you know AND who you know.

    • Aircraft sales transactions demand a tremendous amount of specialized knowledge.

    • Access to the right market intelligence is key to getting the best possible price.

    • It is very difficult to get the best outcome without the right industry relationships.

  • A major commitment of time and energy.

    • Securing the right buyer or seller for an aircraft requires a great deal of commitment and focused attention.

    • Once the right buyer or seller is found, even more dedicated time and energy are required to close the sale.

  • Who can you trust?

    • There are hundreds, if not thousands, of brokers looking to help you buy or sell a business jet.

    • A fraction of them have the knowledge and market networks needed to do it right.

    • An even smaller fraction take a true consultative approach that keeps your best interests in mind at all times.

The Best in The Business

Noteworthy Distinctions

  • When we decided to add an additional aircraft to our fleet, we were fortunate that the seller had chosen ACASS as its sales representative. ACASS provided sound and unbiased support that met our high standards throughout the acquisition process, from pre-buy inspection to final delivery. Their technical, legal, contractual, and sales staff helped overcome all challenges along the way. We are very pleased with our new relationship with ACASS and look forward to future collaborations.

    Houssam Hazzoury Group CEO, AIRX
  • When the Hawker 1000 I was interested in purchasing turned out to come with a host of sales complications, ACASS did not blink an eye. They persisted through every challenge and stayed committed to making the sale work for me, remaining extremely responsive and cooperative throughout the process. Their knowledge about the seller, the aircraft, and the regional considerations was invaluable.

    Brandon Luthens Club Jet Charter, Jet Services
  • It is one thing to rely on a broker to execute a straightforward transaction, but when things get complicated, you want a dedicated and experienced team of professionals in your corner. When the sale of our Hawker 1000 went from classic to complex, we were extremely pleased to have ACASS supporting us. They worked with us to rethink the sale and then adapt and adjust to overcome every challenge and make it work. We cannot envision a situation the team at ACASS could not handle.

    Dangote Industries Limited
  • We turned to ACASS to sell our G550 because of their reputation for integrity, international reach, and optimal results. They did not disappoint. They were accessible, professional, and dependable all the way through what turned out to be a complex sale in a tough market. They came through for us in ways that few other brokers could have.

    Begoña Elices García Communications Manager, REPSOL S.A.
  • Attention to detail and unique experience is what sets ACASS apart from the rest. Over the years, ACASS has demonstrated determination in its problem-solving attitude and has always satisfied my specific aircraft requirements. I would not hesitate To recommend ACASS to any individual wishing to sell his or her aircraft or in need of pilots or overall operational support.

    Ron Dennis CEO & Chairman, McLaren Group Limited
  • It is rare to find a single source of business aviation expertise and capability that can address the many facets of selling an aircraft. But when we needed to quickly prepare
    three Global 6000 Vision aircraft for sale, ACASS really was our single-source solution. They provided the expert consultation management, ferry, maintenance oversight, and marketing we needed and I couldn’t be happier with their work. We will unquestionably look to them in the future for worldwide operational support.

    Wayne Wong Project Manager, Avic
  • My G550 had already been on the market for quite a long time when I turned to ACASS to help sell it. Not only did ACASS find a buyer in short order, but they also navigated me through a number of issues, protecting my interests with expert guidance from start to finish. ACASS has a talented, highly responsive team and I recommend them to anyone seeking a smooth, efficient sale of their aircraft.

    Sayyu Dantata Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MRS
  • Selling an aircraft feels like navigating a minefield of potential missteps. But ACASS eliminated every uncertainty we had and made us feel confident about our course of action, carefully explaining and substantiating their rationale every step of the way. We couldn’t be happier with the guidance, support, and personal attention we received from the entire team at ACASS.

    Sarang Wadhawan Vice Chairman & Managing Director, HDIL
  • ACASS lived up to its impressive reputation, providing very sound advice and tremendous efficiency to conclude the sale of our aircraft. Throughout the process, their patience, determination, adaptability to changes in price expectations, and constant accessibility made us feel like we were in the very best hands. We hold A CASS in our highest esteem.

    Michael Latifi President & CEO, Sofina Foods Inc.
  • ACASS is a treasure trove of highly trained professionals in the field of aviation sales and operations. Their renowned experts helped us to secure the long range, wide body aircraft that will be the heart of our business, even exceeding our best expectations. We are excited to work with them again in the near future.

    Jenny Shao CEO, Gold Star Aviation Pte Ltd
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The ACASS Team Involved

The ACASS sales staff is made up of professionals with decades of combined OEM experience and accrued knowledge. That experience and knowledge are what distinguish a consultant from an ordinary broker

Stephanie Reuveni

Vice President, Aircraft Transactions