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Aircraft Leasing

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Fully operational aircraft and cost-effective turnkey
leasing solutions tailored to your needs.

Lease The Aircraft You
Need When You Need It.

ACASS has the access, expertise, and people to find the right aircraft and leasing option for you.

A Good Consultant
Is Hard To Find.

Any broker can get you an aircraft to lease. A trusted leasing consultant has the experience, resources, and personal commitment to ensure you get the right lease for the right aircraft, the right way.

  • Best Suited

    • Does your leasing consultant know how and where to find the lease aircraft that best suits your needs? Do they have the connections and relationships that give you access to the broadest and best selection?

  • Experience

    • Does your consultant have the experience and knowledge to help you determine the type of lease that’s best for your situation? Are they committed to your best interests rather than their own profit?

  • Relationship

    • Will your consultant be there for you before, during, and after the aircraft lease is secured? Do they see you as a long-term relationship or a short-term customer to forget when they move on to the next one?

Lease With Confidence

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Noteworthy Distinctions

  • l can’t say enough about the comprehensive service, expertise, and value we received from ACASS in the entry into service and management of our Challenger 604. Their in-house contracts, flight ops, and crew recruitment teams were amazing. True to their promise, ACASS helped and continues to help us own our journey!

    Christian Lafontaine Chief Pilot, Kudlik Aviation
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The ACASS Team Involved

ACASS has been answering the business aviation support needs of discriminating clients all over the world for a quarter of a century. This means recruiting and employing the very best support service professionals from across the globe. Which is exactly what we have done.

Stephanie Reuveni

Vice President Aircraft Sales Transactions