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Graham Williamson

+353 61 475 802


Andrew Hodgson

+44 7387 479115

San Marino

Carlo Vissani

+39 0549 942-551
Asia - Offices
Herb Chahal
+60 17 221-1943
India - Offices
Vinit Phatak
+91 9821046435
Mideast/Africa - Offices
Robert Habjanic
+971 50 554-7500
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About Us


Since 1994, ACASS has been empowering leaders and visionaries to chart their courses, expand their horizons, and shape their destinies. We live to get you where you want to be, in every sense of that phrase. No matter how much we grow, personal relationships and hands-on involvement will always be the heart and soul of our business. I invite you to contact me or any other member of the ACASS team to explore how we can help you own your journey®.

Results you'll like. People to match.

Life is too short and the world is too big to work with people you don't genuinely enjoy having along on your journey. Nor should you have to choose between people you want to work with and people who deliver the results you want. At ACASS, we pride ourselves not only on having some of the most experienced and capable people in all of business aviation, but also on having some of the very nicest. We like to think of it as world-class capability complemented by distinctively Canadian cordiality.

Management Division

The ACASS management team is made up of individuals with a diverse and extensive range of international business aviation experience.

If you are not familiar with any of the faces you see here, just ask around. We've spent the last 25 years establishing our reputation in the industry.

Eric Kerub

Chairman and Founder

Eric Kerub has been involved in business aviation for most of his professional life. He launched ACASS as a flight crew staffing company in 1994 and has helped shape and guide its tremendous growth over the last 25 years.

Andre Khury


Andre Khury has 16 years of experience in virtually every facet of business aviation sales & service support. His bold & progressive leadership have taken ACASS from an 8-employee operation to the industry leader it is today.

International Sales Team

The ACASS sales staff is made up of professionals with decades of combined OEM experience and accrued knowledge. That experience and knowledge are what distinguish a consultant from an ordinary broker.

Robert Habjanic

Executive Vice President of Sales

Robert Habjanic has almost 40 years of international business aviation experience spanning a broad range of organizations & specializations. Since 2014, he has strengthened ACASS's presence throughout the Mideast & Africa.


Zipporah Marmor

Vice President, Aircraft Transactions

Zipporah Marmor has 20 years of global business aviation experience spanning sales, management, & marketing. Since 2011, Zipporah has helped drive our global expansion and continued growth in increasingly vital capacities.


Graham Williamson

President – ACASS Ireland

Graham Williamson has 35 years of global aviation experience, including CEO, presidential, & executive roles with airlines, management companies & charter operations. He is the driving force behind ACASS’s European growth.


Andrew Hodgson

Commercial Director – ACASS Ireland

Andrew Hodgson has 20 years of commercial and private aviation experience, including senior roles in operations, dispatch, planning, and sales. He is the architect and director of the ACASS Ireland commercial department.


Vinit Phatak

President – ACASS India

Vinit Phatak launched the innovative Indian private aviation service Invision Air in 2007. In 2017, Invision partnered with ACASS to form ACASS India, which has enjoyed tremendous success throughout the region.


Carlo Vissani

Managing Director – San Marino

Carlo Vissani joined ACASS in 2012 & has over 35 years of highly diverse global business aviation experience. Carlo has been instrumental in establishing & growing ACASS’s thriving San Marino operations.


Herb Chahal

Managing Director – Asia

Herb Chahal has over 40 years of international aviation experience. Since 2016, Herb has been instrumental in building ACASS’s presence & capabilities in Southeast Asia, & dramatically expanding our managed aircraft fleet.


Steve Tedeschi

Sales Director – Southeast US & Central/South America

Steve Tedeschi’s global business aviation experience spans aircraft sales, flight crew staffing, aircraft management, and more. Since 2012, Steve's talent, drive, and adaptability have helped fuel ACASS's continued growth.


Chris Warton

Sales Director – Western/Central US & Mexico

Chris Warton has excelled in flight operations, customer service, training, and sales, including successful tenures at both Bombardier and CAE. He is critical to expanding ACASS’s aircraft sales presence in the U.S. & Mexico.


Trisha Lakatos

Sales Director – Northeast US & Canada

Trisha Lakatos has 14 years of business aviation recruitment, flight crew staffing, business development & sales experience. She joined ACASS in 2007 & is paramount to ACASS's aircraft sales expansion in North America.


Antoine Villain

Sales Director – Europe

Antoine Villain has nearly a decade of aerospace, military aviation, & private aviation experience, including sales & marketing roles for Dassault in France & Brazil. He is integral to ACASS’s accelerating growth in Europe.


James Shepherd

Director of Aircraft Leasing

James Shepherd has been involved in aviation for the last 25 years. ACASS clients benefit tremendously from his extensive experience in the Middle East and Africa and working for major OEMs and aviation services companies.


Derek Holter

Vice President of Operations

Derek Holter has 14 years of global business aviation experience spanning charter sales, aircraft management, & flight operations. Since 2012, Derek has been a lynchpin in our Aircraft Management & Flight Ops success.


Kevin Harris

Senior Vice President of Services

Kevin Harris has 32 years of project management, contracts, interior completions sales, aircraft management & operations experience. Since 2008, Kevin’s expertise & acumen have been invaluable to ACASS’s growth and success.


How We Work

Obviously, our clients seek us out and stay with us for the results we deliver. But having faith in the consistency of those results requires an understanding of the culture, philosophies, and processes that drive who we are and what we do. After 25 years in business, we have established several imperatives for consistent success.

Hire the Best

You cannot build a great house without a strong foundation. We recruit from all over the world and hire the very best and most experienced talent in the business aviation industry. This means finding people that have not only the skill set and knowledge to deliver superior results, but also the character, temperament, and professionalism to deliver a client service experience second to none.

Cultivate the right culture

Yes, bottom line results are important. But we do not believe results and virtue are mutually exclusive. On the contrary, we consider values like integrity, accountability, and humility to be integral to our success. That's why we insist that everyone at ACASS adheres to a carefully considered set of fundamental values and shares a common sense of purpose and culture.

Listen, learn, innovate

When you've been doing something successfully for a quarter of a century, it might be tempting to slip into an "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality. But we believe our success is a direct result of rejecting that mentality. Instead, we constantly listen to our clients to understand their ever-evolving needs. Then, we develop new and constantly better ways to answer them.

Empower you to own your journey®

Ultimately, everyone at ACASS is focused on and committed to one thing: empowering you to own your journey®. Those three words are the driving philosophy behind everything we do. It means liberating you from the endless business aviation obstacles and complications that would otherwise keep you from getting where you want to be, both literally and in a much more meaningful sense as well.


IS-BAO Stage 3 Registration


We are among a select group of aircraft operators worldwide to be issued an IS-BAO Stage 3 registration by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is a stringent and highly regarded international standard for operational excellence, safety and professional best practices. The Stage 3 registration verifies that Safety Management System (SMS) activities are fully integrated into ACASS’s aircraft management operations and that a positive safety culture is consistently sustained.

Safety Management System


The cornerstone of IS-BAO is the Safety Management System (SMS), a set of tools and procedures designed to help business aircraft operators proactively identify and manage risks to enhance safety throughout the operation. ACASS is at the forefront of SMS compliance support and implementation. ACASS has ensured SMS compliance for a vast range of aircraft types in all regions of the world, including complex situations and particularly challenging emerging markets. We are well prepared for virtually any condition and circumstance.

Argus Gold Rated Since 2013


ACASS has been audited by ARGUS® International and certified to meet all current Gold Rating requirements, including, but not limited to, maintaining complete, current, and accurate data in the ARGUS CHEQ system suitable for producing an ARGUS TripCHEQ report. We requested this audit to give you an extra level of confidence and assurance in the uncompromising safety standards we demand of all ACASS-handled crew, ground staff, and aircraft.

Client successes

JEFFREY G. TOUGAS - General Counsel U.S., Ecn Capital Corp

«I sincerely appreciate the hard work and customary professionalism of everyone on the ACASS team. It is a pleasure to work with such capable, and personally delightful, people! I look forward to next time!»

CHRIS MILLER - Director, Guggenheim Aero Finance Company

«It is critical, in the decision-making process of approving the financing for a business aircraft, to have complete confidence and trust in any organization associated with its operation and management. ACASS’s international experience and professionalism»

HIS EXCELLENCY MOHAMMAD A SAFADI - Minister of Public Works and Transport, Government of Lebanon

«Through the sale and purchase of our aircraft, provision of flight personnel and handling of our aircraft, together with associated flight support and services, ACASS proved to be a supremely professional company, with the all important knowledge required»