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Looking for Crew Positions?

Put your faith in the company that has been placing crew in great jobs for 25 years.

Discover Open Positions

Working with ACASS to secure flight crew employment means more than finding work.

When you trust ACASS to help you find work, you can count on us to be there for you long after a job is secured with comprehensive support you will not find anywhere else.

The jobs are out there, but the right one is hard to find.

If, as we so often hear, there are more jobs than there are pilots, why are so many pilots looking for work? Perhaps it is because there is a big difference between a job and the right job.

You’re only as employable as your network.

  • There are thousands of business aviation employment opportunities available at any given time.
  • No matter how well connected you are, it is impossible to be aware of them all.
  • Employers may be reluctant to hire someone they don’t know.
  • Many jobs are not publicly posted.

All employers are not created equal.

  • It can be hard to know if you are compatible with an employer and their operational requirements before you start workin
  • Is your safety their priority?
  • Will they pay you reliably and on time?

Getting hired is just the beginning.

  • Hotels, flight arrangements, and other arrangements still need to be coordinated and managed.
  • Visas, validations, and training requirements need to be secured and maintained.
  • Who will have your back if and when things get challenging on the job?

ACASS is the business aviation career partner you need

Friends in high places.


ACASS has strong relationships with industry key players, OEMs, civil aviation authorities, and training providers. And because we have successful international aircraft sales and aircraft management divisions, we are in constant contact employers all over the world. What all of this means is for you is access to more opportunities and more international support.

We support you before and after you are hired.


We coordinate hotels, flight arrangements, and other arrangements, as well as your visas, validations, training requirements. And we make sure you are paid on time. Once you are on a project, our team stays in contact and at your disposal 24/7 for any help or support you might need.

Our experience and expertise are your assets.


We have been helping flight crew find work all over the world since 1994. We know what we are doing, and we know how to find and lock down the right opportunities for you. As an an IS-BAO Stage 3 registered organization (one of only a select group worldwide), we also take safety very seriously. Your safety is always our priority.


Placing qualified flight crew in top jobs all over the world since 1994.


In-office orientation for pilots flying for ACASS-managed aircraft.


We have the credentials to prioritize your safety at all times.



ACASS places pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance engineers in full-time, part-time and contract business aviation jobs with heads of state, business leaders, and Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. We offer, on a limited basis, initial type rating and recurring training to some of our Captains.

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EYAL BENNO - Captain

I’ve been working with ACASS for over 9 years now on different contracts and aircrafts, and the company never ceases to amaze me. For me, ACASS has redefined the meaning of confidence. Knowing there will always be a great team to support you, making your dispatch as smooth and safe as possible, gives you the confidence to be your best. If I can, I will probably opt to stay with ACASS until retirement, that’s how much I love flying for them.


Since I started flying for ACASS, I have gone places I would have never imagined traveling to; almost 30 countries this year to date. I am surrounded by the most professional, helpful, and supportive people in all of aviation. I will forever be thankful for such an awesome group of people to work with. No matter when or where I am in the world, I know that I have an awesome team that I can always count on to help with any situation."


Being based in central Africa with a six-hour time difference can sometimes be challenging, but regardless of what time of day or night it might be, ACASS has been there to help. All of our flights and hotels are booked through the ACASS travel department, which ensures we receive our confirmation timely and in advance. Our training records and documentation are all kept on-file and ACASS makes sure all are valid and up to date. I am truly proud and honored to be part of the ACASS team.

WAFAA AOUN - Flight Attendant

“ACASS is a wonderful company with great opportunities. Support is always there while on duty and I really enjoyed working with them. Staff is very helpful, professional, and accessible. I highly recommend ACASS to crew around the world; you will be in good hands”.

Advantages of Working with ACASS

The ACASS Team Involved

Business aviation flight crew staffing has changed a lot since we entered the field in 1994. Ensuring we stay ahead of your evolving needs requires a team of professionals who are always tapped in, in touch, and future focused.

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Christian Broncano - Manager of Flight Crew Staffing

Christian Broncano

Manager of Flight Crew Staffing

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